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What We Do

We make the first ever, wireless communicating door strike. DEN SmartStrike™ provides full featured access management, eliminates the need for changing your preferred door hardware décor and does all this at disruptive pricing.


The global smart lock market size is expected to reach USD 24.20 billion by 2024 according to Grand View Research. However, there is a significant portion of the available market that is resistant due to the need to change door hardware décor, concerns about security and current high prices. DEN’s SmartStrike™ product solves all these concerns.


The DEN SmartStrike™ solution is an electric strike which is extended with embedded software. The DEN SmartStrike™ can communicate through BLE, Zigbee, Wi-fi and Z-Wave to an iOS or Android mobile device. It will also be integrated into the popular smart home platforms that are in the market today.

DEN SmartStrike™ Milestones

  • Patent pending.
  • Showcased the product at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and received overwhelming acceptance.

Competitive Differentiation

Because the DEN SmartStrike™ is uniquely installed into your door mortice, it is invisible and more difficult to bypass while allowing homeowners the freedom to choose any hardware that matches their aesthetic taste and home décor.

Go To Market

DEN Smarthome’ s SmartStrike™ launches in the U.S. Market in the beginning of Q2 2021 and in the second half of 2022 will begin its global expansion. DEN will begin distribution in the CEDIA channel and ecommerce with a natural progression to the builder, and security channels. As the market matures, DEN will add big box retail.

Revenue Model

DEN will achieve a pre-emptive price point at launch and will continue to be able to cost down as volume grows. The SmartStrike™ roadmap includes a variety of models to accommodate global expansion which has a variance in door strike and mortice requirements. Other revenue opportunities include licensing, hardware integration and hardware partnerships.

Watch the DEN SmartStrike™ concept

DEN’s SmartStrike™ makes access to any residence or commercial entry easier than ever without the need for changing door décor.


Pre-Revenues, Seed


Consumer IoT, Remote Access Management, Smart Home

Number of Employees:


Market Size:

Between $3.71B and 24.2B

Projected Revenues

2021: $3m
2022: $9m
2023: $ 24m

Use of Proceeds ($0.5M)

Funds will be used to move from pre-production models to final commercial- ready product, including launch campaign.

Management Team

Founder and CEO

Marijn van der Wal

Accomplished general management professional with a 15-year career overseeing word-class operations in Access Control and security. 

IMG_1818 2

Robert Boensma

Responsible for the overall architecture, API, app, embedded software and engineered for the SmartStrike™.


Jan-Luc Blakborn

25+ years industry success in consumer electronics, with a diverse enterprise experience including HP, Philips and Sonos.

Contact Information: Lewis Brown  |  lew@  |  415.686.5865  |  |  Oakland, CA, United States