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DEN Smart Home Case Study

Leveraging IP for Optimal Business Success

DEN Smart Home is a Netherlands based company that is the developer of the SmartStrike™, the first communicating door strike. Their breakthrough wireless solution for the security industry turns any door into a smart locking door, while dramatically reducing installation time and effort for easy retrofitting. The inexpensive new device is the first of its kind; it can be discreetly installed without major modifications to existing hardware and door jambs, and without having to route new wires.


The company had developed novel intellectual property in Europe that it wanted to introduce to the U.S. security channel, which represented a key market opportunity. Stakeholders had concerns with how the company could protect its IP, both in the U.S. and abroad.


DEN Smart Home had one pending patent application in a foreign country. Company leadership was uncertain about whether and how to pursue IP rights inside of the U.S.. Additionally, the client was unsure about whether to continue to pursue patent rights outside of the US.

The DEN SmartStrike™


The bluesalve team, with its in-house IP/patent legal expert, evaluated DEN’s pending foreign patent application in view of the evolved design and implementation details of the client’s device. Our expert identified misalignment between the existing application and the product itself, and helped the client understand future costs and benefits of maintaining the existing application and filing a new application.


Our client decided to focus its IP budget toward its primary commercial market in the U.S. The bluesalve business team and IP legal expert worked together with the client’s design and engineering teams to identify patentable portions of the device and then prepared a new patent application to be filed in the U.S. The bluesalve team worked directly with the client’s engineers to articulate and illustrate the patentable portions, which in turn reduced the amount of time spent by the legal team (i.e., reduced the cost) to prepare the new patent application.


With guidance from our IP legal expert, the client prepared and filed a robust patent application in the United States. The application includes hardware, software, and installation details that can be mined for years to come through continuation or divisional patent filings. Overall, the client’s patent strategy is now better aligned with the client’s business objectives and cost expectations. Furthermore, the client is poised to use its patent application as leverage for fundraising and licensing.

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