Business Development

A rich history of successful business development.

What does your business need to get to the next level? We’ll help you identify and vet the possibilities. Then we’ll work with you to develop the strategic pathways and executional tactics that will achieve your company’s business goals. Whether you’re looking at new channels, new alliances or entirely new directions, our experienced hands can help you determine the smartest routes.

We’ve created strategic partnerships and led numerous rounds of financing with everyone from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. We’ve pioneered new technologies to a broad range of CE vendors, and launched finished goods and digital services into a wide variety of general and specialized business channels. We can help you get to where you want to go because we’ve been there ourselves.

A key ingredient for bluesalve’s bizdev success is our keen understanding of, and empathy for, the businesses you’ll be transacting with. Of course, we work hard to understand the core value propositions you’re offering and their market fit. We also X-ray your competition and show you how you win against them. Perhaps most importantly, we help align your plans with the needs and constraints of your potential partners. What’s good for them is good for you too.


bluesalve partners will help you:

  • Assess market opportunities
  • Create business models
  • Formulate business plans
  • Develop presentations
  • Analyze competition
  • Structure transactions
  • Evaluate strategy
  • Make targeted introductions

Ready to find out more?

In the span of our careers, we have transacted hundreds of deals, partnerships and alliances large and small, with companies such as Cisco, Best Buy, Yahoo, Sony, AT&T, Nokia, Microsoft and Sprint.