The 2nd Annual STEM Success Summit

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Helping amplify voices that are shaping the future of the tech industry for the better

At bluesalve partners a core value is diversity, equity and inclusion. As we work to create a more diversified team within our own firm we have been actively seeking opportunities to work with Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC)-led organizations to help them provide greater impact… This is why we were proud to sponsor and work with the recent 2nd Annual STEM Success Summit, a virtual event held by STEMedia. THE STEM Success Summit is a free virtual conference designed to equip and empower young adults (ages 18-35), who are traditionally underrepresented, to launch successful and meaningful careers in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

bluesalve reached out and offered to partner with STEMedia to add our resources for strategy, marketing, and fundraising. The organizers have reported that the event was a huge success, doubling last year’s registration and boasting a 92% attendance rate by those registered.

bluesalve admired the leadership and the creativity of the STEMedia team that created this opportunity to connect STEM students and young professionals with employers, key stakeholders, and influencers – not only shaping their entry into these important careers and businesses, but shaping the industries they will journey into. One of the highlights of the event was the job portal where BestBuy, 3M and General Motors asked for interested attendees to submit their resumes for consideration. Putting this audience in front of these industry leaders for an opportunity for a STEM job was a huge win-win for attendees and sponsors.

“Projects like this create a sense of belonging for many in the STEM fields. It also adds value by providing practical guidance for those looking to build a successful career and innovate beyond traditional molds.”

-Dr. Nehemiah Mabry
STEMedia Founder & CEO,
Structural Engineer, and Educator

This 3-day global event was an immersive and invaluable experience – led by engaging keynote presentations by celebrities and panels from some of the brightest minds in education and our industries. College students and young professionals interested in STEM careers were engaged and able to envision not only their destination but the road they would travel from point to point – giving them the valued information to help them connect to the STEM industry and the people they will encounter in it.

The topics presented by the thought leaders and experts at the top of their game, included navigating important career advice such as networking, building from the community up, engaging in honest discussions about value, marketable skills, and best practices. Empowering Black and brown voices in STEM fields is crucial to an inclusive and forward-thinking professional environment. The Summit also covered a variety of topics including advocating for yourself, admitting to struggles in your career, encountering microaggressions, finding resiliency among adversity, and exploring funding options.

Having the tough discussions and taking actions to affect change now is how we’re being the change we want to see in our industry. We want to build a culture in tech that applauds the diversity of ideas and is inclusive of everyone. We’re both challenging and welcoming others in the tech industry to walk along with us.

At bluesalve partners, we have an active product development process we can share with clients to accelerate and improve their batting average. Better outcomes are good for everyone, the firms, the industry, and their customers. Let’s all get better together.

Bluesalve partners is committed to accelerating change, growth and success for our clients.